Vertiv Thermal Products

A data centre air conditioning system must always be viewed holistically. Paired with cutting-edge room cooling solutions, the holistic approach enables us to support a vast range of applications, from small computer rooms to enterprise data centres. Our experts work with the latest cooling technology and ensure the thermal system’s components are integrated, monitored and optimized. Discover our Liebert room cooling systems, ranging from direct expansion and water-cooled solutions, to dry cooling and microchannel condenser units and contacts us about design, integration, installation, and service.

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  • Chilled Water - CRAH
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PDX – Fixed Speed Compressor
PDX – Variable Speed Compressor
PEX4 – Variable Speed Compressor
PCW – CRAH Units
CRV4 – In-Row Cooling
Liebert DM – DX Room Cooling
Liebert SRC