Vertiv SmartAisle 2 Containment

Vertiv SmartAisle 2 Containment

Liebert SmartAisle is a combination of the most advanced innovations in data center with the simplest self-assembled integrated design that is tailor-made to fit and perform in your white-spaces surpassing your expectations.

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POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Inbuilt power distribution set up for the necessary utilities and the IT racks with metered devices which measure the power consumed Just a single input power cable needs to be connected to the SmartAisle system which distributes metered power internally to each equipment.

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Knocked down components shipped from the factory with an easy-to-assemble at site design Part-wise build up from the base with lowest dependency on physical infrastructure at site

UPS SYSTEM Highly advanced APM series UPS unit specifically designed for high operating efficiency Power transmission efficiency of upto 96% on full load

PRECISION COOLING UNITS Inrow cooling unit -CRV+ for faster response to dynamic loads Highly efficient at higher return air temperatures Integrated with Smart Aisle logic control feature that functions on the most efficient/accurate thermal control algorithm to maximize energy saving

SUPPORT UTILITIES Magnetic locking roofs with automatic opening feature for exhaust ventilation in case of power outage Bright lighting for ease of visibility in the set-up Automatic sliding doors with access control Fire alarm integration with a built-in fire suppression mechanism

CABLE MANAGEMENT Specifically designed roof trunking feature helps easily guide the cable run over the entire SmartAisle unit The guide paths are designed to track each and every connection from the source to the terminal

REMOTE MONITORING Equipped with an RDUAg2 card, SmartAisle can be placed even at remote site locations The critical alarms and warnings along with the statistical and analytical data can be transmitted to the user seamlessly for monitoring and control

ADVANCED TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY CONTROLLER The most sophisticated controller with unparalleled capabilities of measuring, controlling and monitoring entire system configuration thereby even providing a real time PUE of the system

LCD Touch screen Large Display Panel Controller Enhanced system visibility in the controller users to gain a complete insight of the system operation Assist in trouble shooting to ensure that the system is always operating at its best efficiency

Rapid Deployment With an integrated approach, SmartAisle facilitates quickest onsite deployment of the entire DC in a matter of weeks The add-as-you grow modular design creates a provision for future expansion of the DC space

Unmatched efficiency Smart-Aisle logic for air conditioning ensures the most accurate cooling environment for servers A high efficiency UPS system for efficient power conversion and transmission

Remote Monitoring Built-in with an RDU-AG2 monitoring kit, the SmartAisle enables an unmanned operation by transmitting statistical data to users With an emergency exhaust system, fire suppression system, lighting controls, and smoke detection makes the SmartAisle2.0 a fail-proof system.