Vertiv Customized Containment

Vertiv Customized Containment Rooms

The comprehensive solutions for your data center. Our Containment solutions are highly individual and pass the space, power supply and cooling for servers, storage and the network in your data center. We offer this solution on the basis of a profile section construction design that can be manufactured to fit each individual data center. The patented SmartAisle™ control is the base for the most energy-efficient solution in the market.

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  • Most energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the patented SmartAisle™ control principle.
  • Everything fits – the whole solution from one hand.
  • Higher power densities possible – saving on footprint and size of the equipment.
  • High reliable supply of cold air for all areas with SmartAisle™ control.
  • Longer “survival” with total loss of cooling.
  • Ideal conditions for IT equipment with SmartAisle™ control.
  • Precisely fitted to cabinets and cabinet positions
  • Suitable for retrofitting non-homogenous data-centers
  • Can be combined with SmartAisle™ standard