Egypro Services

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Data Centers

Turnkey Data Center solutions


Telecom Managed Services

Passive and Active Maintenance


Telecom Site Build

Turnkey site supply and installation


Fiber Optic Services

Fiber implementation, testing and maintenance


Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management Hard and Soft Services


MEP Services

Supply and installation of Electromechanical Systems

Egypro Added Value

Let the customers focus on their core business

Telecom Consultancy

Uptime Tier Consultancy

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Data Center Renovation

Egypro Products


Diesel Generators

Supply and Installation of all types of Diesel Generators from 15 KVA up to 2 MVA.



Supply and Installation of Modular and Monolithic UPS systems from 5 KVA up to 1250 KVA


Thermal Management System

Supply and Installation of DX and Chilled water high precision air conditioning systems for Room cooling, In-row and wall cooling


DC Power Systems

Supply and Installation of DC rectifiers and PDF with various capacities up to 210 kW in single cabinet.


IT Racks, PDUs, and Containment Rooms

Supply and Installation of IT Racks with various capacities including smart PDUs. All types of containment rooms for Hot and Cold aisle containment solutions.


DCIM and BMS Systems

Installation and commissioning of DCIM and BMS systems for fully integrated building and data center management systems.


Backup Batteries

Supply and Installation of all types of batteries (VRLA, and Lithium-Ion). With wide range of ampere hour capacities and voltage ratings.


Power transformers

Supply and Installation of all types of copper or aluminum step down and isolation transformers with wide range of capacities.

Achieve more for your business with us!

Invest in IT infrastructure that sustains growth, drives innovation, and ensures security, resiliency, and flexibility. This includes robust electrical backup systems, efficient cooling systems, and scalable architecture.

At Egypro, we ensure our clients having the latest IT infrastructure trends and technologies, along with the industry’s best practices.