Protect your Data Center and critical environments to ensure continuous operations with full featured and cost-effective power solutions from Vertiv and Green Power generators

UPS Systems

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Protect your equipment and applications with our complete range of efficient, reliable UPS systems that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your critical applications.

Power Distribution


Adapt to equipment changes and operate data center to its peak status with flexible and energy efficient power distribution products.

Power Generators


Backup your critical environment with the most reliable generators from Egypro. Our diversified power generating equipment will always meet your power needs.

Thermal Management


Get efficient and reliable heat management solutions along with humidity control tailored to your specific needs. Vertiv solutions deliver industry’s most advanced equipment and controls, low operating costs and unmatched reliability.

Racks, Enclosures and Containment


You want optimal performance, easy deployment and scalability for your IT systems and data centers. Vertiv data center racks, cabinets and enclosure solutions provide support and protection to your critical IT and facilities.

Integrated Modular Solutions


With Vertiv top of the art integrated modular data centers, you can fully rely on a complete solution that packs all data center components under one roof. You can simply select off the shelf ready made modular solutions or design your own integrated space according your needs.

Fire Alarm and Suppression Systems


With Egypro Fire Suppression and Alarm solutions, your facility and critical environment will become in safe hands. Our tailored solutions will always match our clients' expectations and needs.

CCTV and Access Control Systems


Secure and monitor your Data Center and Facility with the latest CCTV and Access control systems that will ensure 24/7 reliable monitoring and access security.

Data Center Monitoring and CFD Analysis

Cfd and monitoing

Keep up in real time with your critical equipment through Vertiv intelligent monitoring systems. One of the success factors in operating effective Data Centers is having full control and monitoring to all your assets.