PEX4 – Variable Speed Compressor

PEX4 - Variable Speed Compressor

Liebert PEX efficiently reduces operating costs with enhanced capacity fit into compact footprint. Combining the best accessories such as inverter compressor, EC fan, EEV & microchannel coil, Liebert PEX4 with superior technology allows modern data centers to enjoy abundant load variations with premium efficiency.

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  • Smart and Intelligent Controller features a unique algorithm and touch screen display for managing PEX4 operation, ensuring maximum reliability under all conditions.
  • The high-level monitoring of multiple units enables them to work together as a single system that optimizes room temperature and humidity.
  • Optimized variable speed design through efficient BPM motor, wide speed range 1000 – 7200 RPM for part load efficiency.
  • Expanded operating envelope for a wide range of cooling applications also contributes to premium efficiency. Special care is taken for EMF with filter.
  • Intelligent oil circulation logic during low speed performance & reliability.
  • Coupled with environment friendly refrigerant (R410A) & EEV, premium efficiency is achieved as compared to legacy solution; part load COP as high as > 5.5.
  • The unit is equipped with a direct, high efficiency, single inlet, backward curved, centrifugal plug type innovative EC fan(s).
  • The EC fan technology regulates airflow and reduce the fan input power. In-floor configuration further reduces energy consumption in downflow units.
  • Liebert EC 2.0 fan modulates the fan speed according to load density; saving nearly 30% of energy consumption.
  • Microchannel coils are 40% smaller, 40% more efficient, and use 50% less refrigerant than standard tube and fin coils.
  • Multiple micro channels to improve heat transfer.
  • Flat tube results in lesser air side pressure drop, less power consumption.
  • Compact design resulting in reduced unit weight.
  • Each cooling module consists of a “V” shaped microchannel coil & is configured with two EEVs with common driver. More than 60kW capacity PEX4 unit does have two cooling modules with dual electronic expansion valves in each module with same driver arrangement for two EEVs.
  • Necessary for integrated and optimal variable capacity control.
  • Maintain constant superheat & dehumidifaction assistance.