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Liebert® PCW is the ideal chilled water cooling unit, providing an efficient solution for data center and server room air conditioning. This water cooling system is available in a wide variety of configurations and capacities, ranging from 25 to 400 kW.

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  • Efficiency: Liebert PCW has been designed to set new efficiency standards on chilled water data centers. The unit internal design has been thoroughly studied in order to optimize the aerodynamic impact of all the internal components, in combination with latest market technologies, Liebert PCW achieves first-class energy efficiency.
  • Cooling Continuity: Liebert PCW establishes new standards in terms of cooling continuity and reliability, matching the requirements of the most trusted and adopted certification authorities for data center design and operation.
  • Flexibility: Liebert PCW can be perfectly adapted to any data center requirement in terms of room air conditions and water temperatures. This results in an extremely flexible unit even in terms of airflow configurations, chilled water piping connections and electrical arrangements.
  • VertivLiebert® iCOMSmart Control: The control manages and optimizes the overall system and is fully programmable via an advanced and user-friendly touch display that can be linked with common BMS protocols, allowing for enhanced remote supervision.
  • Vertiv Liebert PCW – PWM model: With its wider surface area, it reduces air velocity and allows a good air distribution inside the server. Liebert® iCOM™ control embeds a specific algorithm developed to better control temperature, humidity and airflow, which continuity is ensured until the last fan of the unit is running. This is a very important feature when the cooling unit is connected to the server room, as in the case of non-raised floor applications.
  • Wider Air Surface Reduces air velocity and allows for a good air distribution inside the server room in the case of non-raised floor applications.
  • Latest Generation EC Fans Powerful fans allow to increase cooling density with the same unit footprint.
  • Eurovent Certified Performance Delivery performance rating accuracy and improving the unit’s reliability.
  • Possibility to duct the return air No pressurized service corridor and no hot environment for technicians
  • Cooling Override Function The cooling override function increases unit reliability, limiting cooling interruptions to the IT equipment, without the need of any capacitors or battery backup.
  • Teamwork Function The communication between the units optimizes system working mode and improves efficiency.
  • Virtual Display Through a web browser, all the functionalities of the standard display can be replicated.