NetSure 702 DC System

NetSure 702 - DC System

The NetSure702 Series utilizes a highly integrated revolutionary design to pack unparalleled capacity and features into a small footprint. It is a -48VDC digital power plant that operates with 4000W Power Conversion Units/rectifiers.

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  • In Mobile Switching Centers  (MSCs) satisfying large amount of load requirements
  • In comprehensive buildings, international telecom bureau, tandem offices, SPC switching offices above 10000 lines, toll offices above 2000 routes
  • SPC switching office above 2000 lines and below 10000 lines, toll offices below 2000 lines
  • SPC switching office below 2000 lines, opto-terminal stations and microwave tandem stations, mobile stations
  • Microwave relay, optical cable relay and small size earth stations
    AG1 sites for 4G Application


  • Input Voltage range 85V – 290V
  • Easy for Installation and True Front access for maintenance
  • Can operate to as high as 75C
  • Temperature compensated battery and boost charge
  • Perfect battery management with BLVD function
  • Efficient protection of the system with HIgh Voltage Disconnect function
  • Up to 600 Nos of Historical alarms
  • Provide RS232, RS485, Modem and dry contacts communication interfaces for remote monitoring
  • Li-ion Battery Compatible