NetSure 7000 DC System

NetSure 7000 - DC System

Designed for medium sized central office telecom and data center applications, ideal for replacing less power efficient solutions at site where optimal power expandability, efficiency, and system availability are key to success. Featuring Intelligent Load Management for individual current measurements.

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  • Maximize site availability by monitoring individual circuit breaker and fuse currents to prevent overload
  • Control cost and/or charge customers correctly by monitoring the aggregated power for each customer or equipment group
  • Easily adapt to evolving site needs with scalable power systems that can be safely adjusted during live operation
  • Free up floor space by powering AC and DC loads in a single subrack or cabinet with a common battery bank
  • Seamlessly manage your complete back-up solution locally or remotely through a single interface


  • Ability to read current down to the fuse/circuit breaker level
  • Site energy consumption mapping displays energy consumption for each DC power fed server rack
  • Expandable up to 2,8 MW for telecom and datacom equipment
  • Centralized or distributed systems which can be located in close proximity to the load
  • Power density up to 210 kW and room for load and battery distribution in a single cabinet