CRV4 – In-Row Cooling

CRV4 - Variable Speed Compressor - DX Version

The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV4 thermal management solution is a row-based solution designed to provide maximum cooling in a compact footprint. The solution provides the highest efficiency and availability by removing heated air from the data center hot aisle and using it to return cooled air to the servers (cold aisle).

*Also Available in Chilled Water versions

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Flexible Operations
  • Variable Capacity for different loading
  • Air volume quantity can be varied as per load density
Diversified Allocation
  • Best suited for >8kW/Rack Load
  • High heat density application with hot/cold aisle row cooling
Lower Operational Cost
  • High return temp design leads to more energy saving
  • Small footprint releases space for IT equipment
High Reliability
  • High degree precision controls by smart controller
  • Better longevity
Evaporator Coil Design
  • The finned tube evaporator with high heat dissipation efficiency is used. R&D has produced evaporator designed with increased in efficiency by ensuring that the refrigerant is distributed evenly in each loop.
 Variable Capacity Brushless DC Inverter Compressor
  • DC inverter compressor technology provides infinite variable capacity modulation between 30% – 100% to ensure precise repose to dynamic changing cooling demand.
  • Improved reliability by reducing compressor cycling and component wear.
  • Environment-friendly R410A refrigerant.
Flexible Fan Operation
  • The EC fan speed is automatically regulated by the CRV4 smart controller.
  • High efficiency EC fans saves energy and hot swappable design allows replacement while the unit is running.
Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)
  • Allows for integrated and optimal variable capacity control.
  • Maintain constant superheat & dehumidification assistance.